I am a Greek / Swedish artist born in 1971, studied BA fine art and art history in Goldsmiths’ university in London, UK, did an additional year of Greek art history in Athens and finally graduated from Reading University’s MA Fine Art degree program in 1999.

I have exhibited my work in among other Greece, England, Spain, Holland, Pakistan, and Ethiopia. I have alsohadthe privilege of being selected to participate in the Moscow 2008 Biennale as well as exhibiting my work in a solo exhibition in the Moscow Museum of Modern Art in 2010.

For some time now, through my work, I have attempted to bring the remote, the marginal the forgotten the sickly, that world on the outskirts of suburban privilege, into the gallery space in an attempt to immortalize the life of the vulnerable and insignificant. The most important thing for me as an artist is to convey an important social message, and to question stereotypes and perceptions through my work. Each piece should engage its viewer within a social debate, or at its most basic level trigger memories, emotions and nostalgia, feelings common to us all.

I am currently living in Amman, Jordan with my Dutch husband and 2 boys. As in Moscow, Khartoum and Athens, in Amman too I have set up a studio where I work on personal projects as well as gives art lessons to adults and children.

You can also read my CV here.